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Best morning routine || How to start your Day || Morning habits || #studytips..
Best morning routine || How to start your Day || Morning habits || #studytips..

                               Hello friends how are you. Hope you will be okay and will be enjoying good health. Today we will be discussing very very important topic which is about your early morning routine that will transform your life as a whole and you will be able to observe that change and it will be crystal clear to you. So in this post I, the Mr. Tech will give you some tips that will make your life better than ever and will help you to score good in your academics. So if you are interested then stay connected. 

Tip No. 1

                Make your bed.

It will be definitely weird to you but it has been scientifically proven that when you make your bed after sleeping and make it a routine then your productivity increases. Because when you make your bed your mind processes that you have completed a task and will make you to do more and more. Thus it works very well and increases your productivity. So apply it because it has been scientifically and practically proven so you need not to worry. Just apply and observe the change.

Tip No. 2

               Take a shower.

You might know that taking shower in the morning is very very helpful and  beneficial. As it makes you confident and improves your blood circulation and if you take shower with cold water then it has more benefits. There a hundreds of benefits of taking bath in the morning so don’t ignore this and also it makes you to look good.

Tip No. 3


When you will have made your bed and had taken shower then you have to sit and invest so e time in improving your mental health. You have to meditate and I don’t think that I need to explain this thing as it would be familiar to you. If meditation is the part of your routine then you are so lucky but if it is not then you have to make it a part of your routine and thus you have to be lucky. Meditation has too many benefits and good effects on our mental and physical health. If you don’t want to do any thing in the morning, you can skip every thing but you don’t have to skip meditation because it is the most important of all. So take it as the most important point.

Tip No. 4

               Write down your goals. 

You have to take a paper and write down all the goals that you want to achieve. You have to ask some questions from your self like why you wake up early in the morning? What do I want to achieve? What actions can be taken today to achieve my goals? You have to ask such questions from your self and it will help you too much. Always remember that if you are failing to plan then you are planning to fail. So keep a goal and that goal should be a big one and then take some effective steps and work hard to achieve those goals.

Tip No. 5

               Take a Healthy Break Fast.

You know this thing that break fast is very important part of our day. You have to take a healthy and good break fast. You have to avoid oily break fast and also never eat junk food as it also affects our health directly. You can imagine that if you don’t take a good break fast then how difficult it will be for you to sit and read with full concentration in the class room. Just image. Never ignore breakfast and always take a healthy break fast. It will be very beneficial and helpful. 

  These were some tips that will change your complete life and will help you to increase your productivity rate. If you will follow these tips then I can claim that your morning routine will be solid. You have to follow the tips stated above and then you will see the change in your life from the beginning. So apply these things as all of them are scientifically proven. So there is no doubt you should think before you start these. I personally use these things and these are very effective.


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