10 rules of good studying || How to Study || How to be a topper || Study Tips and Tricks..

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10 rules of good studying || How to Study || How to be a topper || Study Tips and Tricks..
10 rules of good studying || How to Study || How to be a topper || Study Tips and Tricks..

                                                       Hello guys how are you? hope you all of you will be okay will be enjoying good health. To day I, The Mr. Tech is going to tell you 10 rules of good studying. This will help you to study better and when you will study better then you will automatically get good grades. So these rules are explained in the post well. So let’s start. Stay connected…

      Use Recall

This is simple but too much effective. In this you have to read a page and try to explain the main idea in the page to your self. It will be very beneficial and helpful. So don’t ignore this rule.


       Always Test Your Self.

When ever you read a topic or a chapter don’t forget to test your self. Try to solve some question and make your own notes or make flash cards for last minute study.

       Chunk Your Problems

Chunking is understanding and practicing with a problem solution so that It come to your mind in a flash. It will be very useful while taking exams or during the surprise tests.

       Space Your Reputation.

Spread out your learning in any subject a little every day.

       Alternate Different Problem Solving Techniques during your Practice.

Never practice too long at any one session using only one problem solving technique.

       Take Breaks

As you should know that a little studying is much better than study for a long time with no breaks. Son never forget to take breaks while you are reading. 

      Think Your explanation, read it aloud or write on the notebook

When ever you study you have to think that you have to explain this to some one or you have to read it aloud so that voice could be listened by your ears or write it in the note book. It will be very helpful this is a backbone of study rules.


You have to turn off all the disturbing notifications and have to try to read with full concentration. If you want to read a detailed and fully explained topic which is how to study with full concentration. Then you can read our post if you want.

       The 90-1 rule

You have to spend your first 90 minutes of your day on your priority subject.

         Make a mental contrast.

You have to contrast in your mind that where are you now and where you will be after studying and it will make you motivated and you will also be addicted to study.

   These were the then rules of studying. Hope you understood, if you didn’t then read it once more time.


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