Things that you should never do before exams || Things to avoid before exams || College Study Tips..

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Things that you should never do before exams || Things to avoid before exams || College Study Tips..
Things that you should never do before exams || Things to avoid before exams || College Study Tips..

                                            Hello, how are you? Hope all of you will be okay. Today we will be discussing about a very important topic. Today, I, The Mr. Tech will tell you about six things which you don’t have to do before your exams. As you know that exams are important but don’t think that these are your life but you have to try your best to get good grades and marks. If you will read the complete article then you will be very benefited and I want to benefit you so read the article complete if you can. So let’s start our today’s topic. Stay connected..

       Try not to use social media.

You have to avoid social media as it is time consuming and you have to save your time as much as you can. You have to make to start avoiding social media at least before one month. If you could do so then it is going to give you very very good results. You have to avoid social media. I don’t think that it is too much or it will require any rocket science. So do this before your exams.

        Try not to read any other book.

Don’t think that you can read the whole book in a few days. You don’t have to read any other book or the book that you have not used during your academic session. I don’t think that there is any need to explain this thing. You just do not have to use any new book. That’s it. Simple.

       Try not to leave any thing for the last minute.

This is the most common mistake that students often make and I will not let you to do it any more. You don’t have to read any new thing at the last minute. It is not only for the exams, it is also very beneficial and helpful during your class tests. Never do this again (I am thug.. hahaaaa,)

        Don’t take long breaks.

You have to avoid to take long breaks because you have to use your time productively. You don’t have to take long breaks and don’t try to waste your time. Thus, you have to use your time bravely. Try not to waste your time. That is an order.

        Don’t compare your preparation.

This is common but can be very dangerous and can put you in depression. You don’t have to call any one or ask any one about his preparation. Never compare your self with any one. Don’t forget that all of us have different capacities. All of us have different IQ level. But don’t forget that no one of us is dull. All of us are perfectly perfect. So try not to compare your self or your exams preparation with any one 

        Don’t eat outside food.

As you know that junk food can be dangerous for your health. It can cause vomiting or other digestive problems. Wait wait, I forget that you are mature now. You should know how dangerous it is for your health? So don’t try to play with your health. It is not only prohibited in exams. You have to avoid it all the time. So be serious.

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